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Those Who Can't, Teach

Updated on: 01 Nov 2017
  • Those Who Can't, Teach

  • Those Who Can't, Teach

  • Those Who Can't, Teach

  • Those Who Can't, Teach

  • Those Who Can't, Teach

  • Those Who Can't, Teach

  • Those Who Can't, Teach

  • Those Who Can't, Teach

  • Those Who Can't, Teach



The Necessary Stage celebrates its 30th anniversary with the return of Those Who Can’t, Teach!

First staged in 1990 and subsequently in 2010 to full houses at the Singapore Arts Festival, Those Who Can’t, Teach is a Singaporean theatre classic by Cultural Medallion winners Alvin Tan and Haresh Sharma.

Set in a secondary school, the play looks at the madcap lives of teachers and students—with often hilarious results. As the teachers struggle daily to 'nurture and groom', the students prefer to hang out and chill. In the meantime, they all have to deal with the dreaded 'parents'.

With upskirting and texting, teaching and politicking, school has never been the same. Join the rambunctious cast of characters as they struggle to prove that Those Who CAN, Teach.


Alvin Tan
Haresh Sharma
Costume Designer
Max Tan & Yuan Zhiying (MAX.TAN)
Lighting Designer
Yo Shao Ann
Set Designer
Wong Chee Wai
Production Manager
Azyyati Alias
Technical Manager
Ben Ong
Huang Xiangbin
Stage Manager
Samantha Chia
Assistant Stage Manager
Karen Miyuki
Production Crew
Abdul Ameer Bin Syed Abdul Ghani
Loo An Ni
Production Crew - Intern
Jovetta Tan (Jovy)
Surtitlist - Intern
Fan Yixi
Hair and Makeup
Haslina Ismail
Nur Hazirah
Dresser - Intern
Abdulgapul Sharifa Flynn Nahsra
Melissa Peh
Set Dresser
Loo An Ni
Sound Engineer
Aldon Chua
Sound Operator
Muhammad Sufiyan B Adam
James Tan
Creative and Art Direction
Qu'est-ce Que C'est Design
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A restaging of Those Who Can't, Teach (2010)