2004 - Ask Not
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The More We Get Together... The Happier We'll Be: Collaborations with NGOs and the Private Sector
Yap Ching Wi

There are three parts to this investigation. The first provides several conceptual frameworks, examines the context of how collaboration is conceptualised and practised in Singapore society, and discusses the nature of collaboration by The Necessary Stage in this context. The second goes behind the scenes to explore the internal processes of a collaborative project, FamFest 2001, which will draw out the complexity of assumptions and relationships behind the people, public and private sectors, which reveal the need for organisational adaptation and learning in order for collaborative initiatives to succeed. The third reflects on the crucial ingredients needed for a successful collaboration: the role of the individual and the slow, long process of enabling a culture of collaboration. The investigation ends with an offering of resources to individuals and organisations to nourish their continued commitment to collaboration.