1993 - Singapore

Still Building

Updated on: 19 May 2022
  • Photo Credit - Mr Foo, Thio Lay Hoon

  • Photo Credit - Mr Foo, Thio Lay Hoon

  • Photo Credit - Mr Foo, Thio Lay Hoon

  • Photo Credit - Mr Foo, Thio Lay Hoon

  • Photo Credit - Mr Foo, Thio Lay Hoon



After two highly successful runs in Singapore and Cairo last year, The Necessary Sage presents Still Building at The Substation. 

Still Building was voted by BiGO Magazine last year as "Best Offering" among the 13 plays staged for Theatre Carnival on the Hill [April 1992]. It was later selected by the National Arts Council to represent Singapore at the Cairon International Experimental Theatre Festival [September 1992].

In Still Building, two stories are juxtaposed in one play. The first is about two sisters, Kim and Cheng, and their good friend, Alan. Cheng, the younger of the two, cannot cope with the memories their house represents for her, and decides to move out. Alan, who is adopted, receives a letter from a couple in Manila claiming to be his real parents and decides to go there. Kim, who believes in stability and not rocking the boat, finds difficulty coping with Cheng and Alan's decisions. In the second story, three people [played by the same actors] are trapped when the building they are in collapses. Inspired by the Hotel New World collapse, this story shows the trauma of three people stuck in a mass of rubble, waiting to be rescued.


Alvin Tan
Josephine Peter
Haresh Sharma
Devised and Performed by
Haresh Sharma
Karen Tan
Raja Segar
Han Juan
Lee Weng Choy
Josephine Peter
Quek Swee Chong
Production Manager
Clarisse Ng
Administration Manager
Haresh Sharma
Julius Foo
Assistant TIcketing
Francis Tay
Stage Manager
Delia Kang
Assistant Stage Manager
Juliet Chia
Lighting Designer
Thio Lay Hoon
Lighting Assistant
Juliet Chia
Sound Designer
Quek Swee Chong
Sound Operator
Edmund Teo
Set Designer
Leong Mun Hoi
Ruth Pereira
Cecilia Ow Yong
Handbill Design
Andrienne Tho
Handbill Layout
Julius Foo
Front-of-House Manager
Genevieve Tham
Peggy Gan
Mr Foo
Thio Lay Hoon
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