1994 - Singapore

'Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky

Updated on: 01 Nov 2017



In December 93, The Necessary Stage held auditions for a play that required people who had attempted suicide or thought about it. About 50 people turned up - each with a different story to share. Now 6 months later, after intensive discussions & improvisations we present 'Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky, an evening of sharing, of stories - sometimes startling, painful, sometimes funny...but always honest.

Twelve people come together to rehearse a play. It is their third rehearsal and they are just beginning to get to know one another. The first two rehearsals have been friendly and fun, but today, they are about to get into the 'topic'.

In the course of the rehearsal and the sharing, tension arises as they struggle to come to terms with the different temperaments. By the end of the evening, there is a realisation that all twelve are bound by a common experience - the rediscovery of life.