Theatre for Seniors Year 3

Updated on: 19 May 2022
  • Photo Credit - The Necessary Stage

  • Photo Credit - The Necessary Stage

  • Photo Credit - The Necessary Stage

  • Photo Credit - The Necessary Stage

  • Photo Credit - The Necessary Stage




Theatre for Seniors is a 3-year programme for participants aged 50 and above launched in April 2008 by The Necessary Stage's Artistic Director Alvin Tan, and facilitated by Jean Ng, Julius Foo and Jalyn Han.

This innovative initiative was designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge in drama and in various aspects of theatre, including acting, playwriting and directing, as well as administration and technical work.

The groundbreaking programme provides seniors an avenue to impart their personal stories and adds a new spectrum of looking at their life-history and cultural identity. The programme's end-of-first-year presentation Encore: An Evening of Ageless Theatre and Encore II: Heartland! Heartland!  was staged at the Marine Parade Community Club Theatrette in March 2009 and 2010 respectively. This year's Encore III: Family Knots marks the end of the 3-year programme.

Term 1 featured a Directing Workshop.
Term 2 featured a Stage Management Workshop and independent group creation.
Term 3 and 4 consisted of Rehearsals for Encore III: Family Knots.


Directing Instructor
Nelson Chia
Julius Foo
Jalyn Han
Stage Management Instructor
Suven Chan
Julius Foo
Jalyn Han
Agnes Ng
Ang Sai Choo
Angie Kong
Bernard Huang
Charles Wu
Cheah Kong Yuen Jacky
Choo Ai Keow
Christina Chua
Christina Koh Soh Geok
Cristina Ting
Daisy Yeo
David Lim
David Park
Debbie Lee Lodge
Elizabeth Tan
Faye Leong
Gladys Tan
Irene Lim
Irene Ong
Iris Tan
Irene Tan
Jasmine Kong
Jessie Seng
June Goh Chor Hoon
Khim Song
Kok Siew Khin
Kris Lim
Lawrence Lee
Lesley Ong
Lilian Chan
Lily Boon Chung Fa
Madhu Suri
Michael Tan
Molly Lim
Nancy Soh Bee Lay
Nancy Tay Soh Gek
Ng Swee Hong Wendy
Padma Krishnan
Patricia Lee
Patrina Chan
Paula Ng
Pearl Wong
Peggy Ewe
Polly Low
Rohani Rezak
Roslind Kang
Ru Sui Sui
Samantha Anan
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Project Serial Number: WS201003


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