2004 - Ask Not
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Second-Generation Artists 4: Sean Tobin

Alvin: Let’s talk about censorship where youth and community work are concerned.

Sean: Everywhere we go in educational circles, the government and sponsors, especially those who are opening up to the arts, I hear them say things like “I realise that arts is a very powerful too.” You hear it said again and again. You realise people see the power first. The Instrument. So although they get ex tied about the power, as it can give people a voice, they also hold a very deep fear, that in the wrong hands it can be very dangerous.

[…] Sometimes we consciously try to keep on mind the audience and the general public opinion in the same way the government does about not condoning and not celebrating ays but still employing them. Reason being: people are not ready. We also do the same thing in a way, but I think Lanterns was a big risk because it was a huge jump and we didn’t warn anyone. So for me, part of the question still in my mind is: if we know early enough, do we have the responsibility to warn people?