2014 - M1 Singapore Fringe Festival: Art & the People
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Art & the People

Today, in our socially mediated world, art can be a call to arms, where crowd-sourced contributions by the general public becomes the final product, where the processes of collaborating, editing, curating, mediating and critiquing are themselves the artwork. By re-examining the relationship between Art and the People, we open ourselves to new possibilities of the definition of art and creative processes. We embrace the unique voices expressing diversity, that—in coming together—form a new aggregate, a perspective that does not propel any single dominant ideology, but rather, accepts differences and sees them as integral components of an all-encompassing, fluid, and truly democratic whole. Through Art and the People, we seek to celebrate one another, to appreciate irregularity and asymmetry amongst our communities, and to mediate on how our individualities are but extraordinary expressions of ordinary beauty through multiplicity.