2012 - Croatia


Updated on: 19 May 2022
  • Photo Credit: TRAFIK



Crossings is a multidisciplinary collaboration between artists from Singapore and Croatia investigating the coexistence, understanding and mixing of different cultures. Join them in this performative piece as they question the issues of home, homeland and belonging while exploring multiculturalism, and the similarities and differences between the 2 countries.

The vibrant port cities of Singapore and Croatia's Rijeka will be sources of inspiration and dialogue for the artists, creating a new work which juxtaposes performance with a sound and multimedia landscape. Created over a series of cultural exchanges, workshops and improvisations, Crossings ask fundamental questions that will make us confront who we are and how we can survive in today's global village.


Sound Artist
Bani Haykal
Chuang Xiu'Er
Sharda Harrison
Najib Soiman
Edvin Liverić
Žak Valenta
Set Designer
Vincent Lim
Multimedia Artist
Loo Zihan
Composer and Performer
Josip Marsic
Script Editor
Haresh Sharma
Alvin Tan
Sound Operator
Yusri Sapari
Multimedia Operator
Nur Shafiza binte Shafie
Technical Crew
Sazali bin Hussain
Lighting Operator
Predrag Potočnjak
Eugenija Medić
Video and Digital Processing
Ana Jurčić
Sound Engineer
Mladen Lenac
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11 May 2017 - Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka: Croatian premiere of "Crossings"
11 May 2017
BUDI.IN - Croatian premiere of "Crossings" in Zajc
11 May 2017
Buro 24/7 - Croatian premiere of “Crossings'' in Rijeka
11 May 2017 - Croatian premiere of 'Crossings' in 'Zajc'
11 May 2017
Grad Rijeka Online - Croatian premiere of 'CROSSINGS' in Zajc
11 May 2017
Moja Rijeka - Croatian premiere of Crossings in Zajc
11 May 2017 - Croatian premiere performances 'Crossings' in Zaitseva
11 May 2017 - Croatian and Singaporea artists explore the coexistence of different cultures
11 May 2017 - "Crossings" premiered in HNK Rijeka: collaboration of artists from different continents
11 May 2017 - Rijeka theater TRAFIK and Singapore's The Necessary Stage, "Crossings," inspired by the port cities
11 May 2017 - Rijeka-Singapore "Crossings" in NK
11 May 2017 - Sharda Harrison: Singapore theater is unique
11 May 2017 - Crossings
11 May 2017
rijeka KLIK - Croatian premiere of 'CROSSINGS' in Zajc – 19.09.2012.
11 May 2017
Story - Edvin Liverić in the play 'Crossings'
11 May 2017
Svijet Kulture - Croatian premiere of Crossings
11 May 2017
Teater - Crossings
11 May 2017
Teklić - Crossings in Zajc
11 May 2017 - Crossings
11 May 2017
Večernji list - Croatian premiere of'' Crossings'' in CNT Zajc
11 May 2017
220812 - AKTUAL - Riječki i singapurski plesači
11 May 2017
120911- AKTUAL - Kazališna sezona rujan u Riječkom HNK (Theater season September in HNK Rijeka)
11 May 2017
120916 - Mediteran - Singapurski Teater je Jedinstven (Singapore Theatre is Unique)
11 May 2017
120918 - Međukontinentalna umjetnička suradnja (Intercontinental artistic collaboration)
11 May 2017
120918 - La Voce del Popolo - <<Crossings>>, unione dell'anima e della cultura (<<Crossings>>, Union of the Soul and Culture)
11 May 2017
120919 - HRT Radio Rijeka - 'Crossings' Rijeka and Singapore



Collaboration between Singapore and Croatia, restaging of Crossings (2012).