2011 - Singapore

Sweet Dreams

Updated on: 01 Nov 2017



Lisa was a very happy and cheerful little girl. But her life changed when her parents met with a car accident and were hospitalized. During this period, Aunty May came to care for Lisa.

Soon, things started to change – Aunty May was no longer the caring and doting Aunt that Lisa knew. She would get upset and angry over the smallest things as she was trying her best to support the family financially.

Lisa would get scolded and beaten for making too many mistakes in her homework and Lisa would often go to bed feeling hungry when Aunty May went to work. All these left Lisa feeling depressed. She couldn’t eat or sleep well and her grades were slipping.

Lisa was faced with a dilemma of whether she should tell her friends about her problems but she feared Aunty May’s reaction if she were to find out.

A wizard appeared one night in her room, offering to help her solve her problems with Aunty May and advised her to ‘tell someone’ about her problems.

Lisa heeded his advice and told her teacher, Miss Tay, about her problems. By telling someone, her teacher in this case, Lisa was able to get help for herself and Aunty May, who was having a tough time coping with everything at home on her own. They now live happily together.