2004 - Singapore

History, Whose Story?

Updated on: 01 Nov 2017



The play focuses on historical figures including Sir Stamford Raffles, Sang Nila Utama, Sultan Iskandar Shah, and Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir, as well as other popular characters from Singapore's past, as it playfully creates an overview of Singapore's history with lots of energy, colour and humour!

Discovering the island, War and Racial Riots, Colonization, Adventure, Loyalty and betrayal, crossing and negotiating language and culture.

It will be told through the eyes of a present-day student who discovers the many different voices of history as he meets them in person. This is a delightful introduction to young audiences to theatre and to the rich history of our island. It promises to be lots of fun and to really get students hooked to read and think more about their heritage.