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Let Me Go!

Updated on: 29 May 2017
  • Photo Credit: The Necessary Stage

  • Photo Credit: The Necessary Stage

  • Photo Credit: The Necessary Stage

  • Photo Credit: The Necessary Stage



Champions of Bold Interactive Theatre in Singapore, The Necessary Stage and the South East Community Development Council present an interactive performance exploring pertinent concerns of our society.

Let Me Go! Is about Kheng, who is invited by her best friend, to go to the concert of a lifetime! One major problem - she would get home way past her curfew and her mother will not budge. She is torn between following her mother's script orders, her friend's tempting suggestion, her love for music and her impulse to just get out and enjoy herself and exert her rights. She does not want to upset her mum, but then is it time to make her own choices since she is not a child anymore and after all, she is pretty responsible?

After the ten-minute play, the audience will get the chance to work together, through role-play of the character with the actors, and a facilitator, to discover ways to work through Kheng's frustrations, and the highs-and-lows of a parent-child relationship.

This programme will not only get audience thinking more deeply about the issues at hand, but also discussing them, and taking on the roles of the characters in order to negotiate change. Let Me Go! gives Singaporeans the chance to air their shared concerns and frustrations and work together to find ways of coping, and solving problems.


Directed By
Natalie Hennedige
Written By
Haresh Sharma
Teo Kiat Sng
Catherine Sng
Koh Hui Ling
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Co-presented with South East Community Development Council


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