2000 - Singapore

Imagined Boundaries

Encounters With New Model Communities

Updated on: 01 Nov 2017



Eleven artists have installed ten site specific works around the Marine Parade Community Building - from the public toilets to the rooftops. One of the aims of the exhibition has been to juxtapose the perceptive and playful ways that contemporary artists interrogate conceptual, geographical, vocational and socio-political boundaries in their work.

Another focus has been to explore the dialogues between the artists, the works, the snazzy new Marine Parade Community Building and the Marine Parade Community.

The sub-title for this exhibition, Encounters with New Model Community, is gently tongue in cheek - drawing from images of legoland utopia. And the word "Encounters" is similar self ironic - as if referring to the naively optimistic artist who dreams of engaging "the local" - Lucy Davis