2004 - Singapore

Top or Bottom

Updated on: 19 May 2022
  • Photo Credit: The Necessary Stage

  • Photo Credit: The Necessary Stage

  • Photo Credit: The Necessary Stage

  • Photo Credit: The Necessary Stage

  • Photo Credit: The Necessary Stage



Mourning is such hard work. You want to cry but you don't want to be unglam. And what do you wear to your friend's wake if you have to go to a club after that? The death of someone special causes a group of friends to re-examine their lives and their feelings about death. Fundamental questions are asked: Will I go to hell if I'm a bitch? Am I spending too much time at the gym? Can I be gay and married? The group of friends soon make important realisations: That you can be married and gay; that you can be friends and use each other; that you can be top and bottom. If you ask nicely, will your friend's corpse come back to life?

Note: The characters in Top or Bottom can originally be found trying to organise Singapore's first Pride Parade in Mardi Gras.


Haresh Sharma
Alvin Tan
Set Designer
Vincent Lim
Lighting Designer
Thio Lay Hoon
Multimedia Designer
Brian Gothong Tan
Paerin Choa
Natalie Hennedige
Hossan Leong
Rody Vera
Production Manager
Rydwan Anwar
Technical Manager
Patrick Wong
Stage Manager
Joanna Goh
Assistant Stage Manager
Charis Esther Peters
Lighting Operator
Nate Tjeong
Sound Operator
Reene Ho
Multimedia Operator
Shelia Ther
Lighting Assistant
Ben Watts
Costume Coordinator
Michelle Oh
Stage Crew
Kenny Low
Nurhidayah Mahadi
Audio Engineer
Eugene Foo
RF Technician
Lau Sok Foong
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12 Aug 2004
TODAY - Top not matching the Bottom



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