2017 - Singapore

Being Haresh Sharma

Updated on: 19 May 2022
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Being in Singapore
Being a model citizen in Singapore
Being a dementia patient in Singapore
Being censored in Singapore
Being a political detainee in Singapore
Being off centre in Singapore
Being Malay in Singapore
Being a teacher in Singapore
Being an Indonesian Maid in Singapore
Being in a hospice in Singapore
Being fundamentally happy in Singapore
Being a Chinese MP in Singapore
Being a young person in Singapore
Being a suicide victim in Singapore
Being an artist in Singapore

Over three decades, The Necessary Stage and actors-collaborators who have been partners in the making of the company’s devised plays have revealed to us over and over again—in profound, heartbreaking and funny ways—what it means to ‘be’ in Singapore.

Vinod | Radha Krishnan | Eric Sim | Noorhayati Yusof | Sergeant Mok | Jali Bin Mohd Fariz | Mrs. Chua | Mrs. Phua | Alisha | Melly | Saloma and many more

Away from the buzz of the rehearsal room and in the alone space where a playwright for a time dwells, Haresh Sharma forms up direct, powerful, honest, smart, funny words that enable these characters to speak into the very soul of our city.

Being Haresh Sharma is a work that looks at Haresh’s body of writing over 30 years. It makes bold, unexpected links and associations, mapping stories and characters in ways that surface the social, political and spiritual aspects of life here; bringing it all together with unexpected and exciting performance energy, sparking new ways of looking at his words and of experiencing performance and theatre.


Directed By
Natalie Hennedige
Text Based on Plays By
Haresh Sharma
Performed By
Ghafir Akbar
Jean Ng
Julius Foo
Jo Kukathas
Karen Tan
Siti Khalijah Zainal
Lighting Designer
Associate Lighting Designer
Production Designer
Brian Gothong Tan
Multimedia Designer
Brian Gothong Tan
Sound Designer
Philip Tan
Production Manager
Melissa Teoh
Stage Manager
Keira Lee Xin Ci
Nureen Raidah
Sound Engineer
Elim Chew
Sound Operator
Elim Chew
Multimedia Operator
Christopher Ong
Elizabeth Loh
Giovanni Harris
Justina Khoo
Marilyn Chew
Make-Up Artist
Haslina Ismail
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Project Serial Number: 201704

In collaboration with Cake Theatrical Productions