2020 - Singapore

Kebaya Homies

Updated on: 31 Jan 2020



Welcome to the club! Make yourself at home, but this is not your house. Don't forget to tip us! We are your perempuan-perempuan joget (dancing girls) Zubaidah and Rukiah. Do you like our kebaya? Come to our club and we will share with you our stories and songs. Our show is not like other shows. This is a time travel show. We will bring you to the past—during the heyday of the 1960s—and to the future. You want to dance? Later we can dance. First, sit down. And enjoy the ride.

Directed by Alvin Tan, and performed by Aidli Mosbit and Siti Khalijah Zainal, Kebaya Homies is a delightful musical romp weaving through Malay history and culture, told through the elegant yet coy kebaya. The script by Haresh Sharma also includes scenes from his past plays written for the actors.

Kebaya Homies was performed
at Esplanade Annexe Studio on
15 – 18 January 2020, 8.00pm
18 – 19 January 2020, 3.00pm




Creative Team 

Written by
Haresh Sharma

Directed by
Alvin Tan

Performed by 
Aidli Mosbit 
Siti Khalijah Zainal

Fathurrahman bin Said 
Adiesufian bin Mohamed
Hamzah bin A Rahim 
Ramlan bin Rasidi
Rizman bin Kassim 

Wardrobe/Stylist for Dancers:
Muhammad Norfiqin Bin Mohd Hisham 

Make-up Artist for Cast:
Haslina Ismail

Petrina Dawn Tan 

Multimedia Artist:
Brian Gothong Tan

Music Selector & Live DJ:
Ridhwan Ghany AKA Ras Irie

Aidli Mosbit


Production Team

Production Stage Manager:
Elnie Mashari

Assistant Stage Manager:
Muhammad Noh Sapari

Jolyn Agnes Chua
Siti Nursyahidah Bte Norman

Project Manager: 
Natasha Fathin


Special Thanks

Ghafir Akbar
Rizman Putra
Family of the late Ibu Siti Ramlah Mansyur