2021 - Singapore

The Year of No Return

Updated on: 27 May 2021



Every day, we are inundated with dire consequences of the climate emergency.

In the face of this threat to humanity, what do we do? Recycle? Switch to environmentally-friendly products? Be a vegan? Stop having children? What can we do—and do our actions even matter?

Why do we have such different responses to climate change? What makes one a denialist, or another to commit acts of civil disobedience in the name of climate justice?

Can we as individuals, and collectively, affect change? Or will politics and profit dictate the fate of this planet—our only home?

A ground-breaking interdisciplinary collaboration with artists from Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore, The Year of No Return by Singapore theatre company The Necessary Stage seeks to unravel the complications and contradictions in humanity’s responses to climate change. This hybrid production incorporating live performance and video presentation seeks to question whether we live in an age of despair—or one of hope in the dark.