Opposition 对峙

presented by Drama Box and The Necessary Stage

Updated on: 19 May 2022
  • Image of Goh Guat Kian and Siti Khalijah Zainal as Jackie and Ram



“We start when?” 
“We start now.” 

Opposition tells the story of Production Manager Ramlah Zee and Director Jackie Oh who begin a new chapter of their lives by establishing their own theatre company, Zero Theatre. They also begin a relationship. 

However, as the years pass and familiarity sets in, how do the couple negotiate their professional and personal lives? From exuberance and love to departure and heartbreak; from hope for change to disillusionment and stasis, Opposition maps the lives and loves of two souls trapped in each other’s memories. 

In our nation’s relentless stride towards material success, is there even space left for them to live freely by their own identities and dreams? When does compromise turn into irrevocable sacrifice of one’s personal truth?  

How do they—and we—determine when it is time to leave, in order to begin again?  

Following the critically acclaimed productions of Manifesto (2016) and Underclass (2018), Opposition caps the trilogy of collaborations between Drama Box and The Necessary Stage.  

17 March – 3 April 2022 
Wednesday – Saturday: 8PM 
Saturday – Sunday: 3PM 
At The Necessary Stage Black Box 


Haresh Sharma
Alvin Tan
Kok Heng Leun
Goh Guat Kian
Joshua Lim
Masturah Oli
Siti Khalijah Zainal
Tan Guo Lian Sutton
Set Designer
Wong Chee Wai
Lighting Designer
Genevieve Peck
Sound Designer and Composer
Ng Jing
Multimedia Designer & Filmmaker
Yong Shuling
Costume Designer
Production Manager
Lam Dan Fong (The Backstage Affair)
Celestine Wong
Samantha Chia
Assistant Stage Manager
Natalie Wong Li Chun
Technical Coordinator
Huang Xiangbin
Projection System Designer
Low Wee Cheng (Ctrl Fre@k)
Wardrobe Manager
Lim Zhiying
Nurarina Nasir
Sound Operator
Raymond Goei
Lighting Operator
Tang Yeow Seng
Multimedia Programmer & Operator
Ed-Linddi Ong (Ctrl Fre@k)
Surtitle Operator
Lee Jia Zhen (The Backstage Affair)
Project Manager
Natasha Fathin
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