2024 - Singapore

Hi, Can You Hear Me?

Updated on: 13 Apr 2024



Utama, a mysterious Tiger, runs a bar in limbo that seems to attract an odd mix of patrons.

Guan Yin's life keeps ending prematurely and she seems eternally subscribed to this tragic loop of death and rebirth. 

Shimizu's memory is failing him as he grapples with the loss of his wife and tries to keep up with his AI (Artificial Intelligence) caretaker.

Sindhu is struggling to regain a semblance of a "boring" life since experiencing an earthquake over video conference that resurfaces past trauma.

John tries to find some control in his otherwise uncontrollable life as a broadcast journalist but is stuck in a hotel room.

Written by A Yagnya and co-directed with Alvin Tan, Hi, Can You Hear Me? follows various characters whose normalcies have been fractured due to events and experiences beyond their control.

How and why do their paths cross?

When everything that was going smoothly gets disrupted, what is there left to cling to?