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Fear of Representation and the Lack Thereof in Singapore Theatre

Updated on: 19 May 2022



The following description was extracted from the Introduction in focas 1 by Editor Lucy Davis.

The transcript contains a lively debate on the politics and dilemmas of representation, and several perspectives on identity politics and Singapore theatre are raised: How to give space for different and/or marginal expressions without reducing people to difference or marginality? Can one speak of an "ethical representation"? Are there contextual codes of representation that we call can pragmatically access? And is Singapore really there at all? Differences in perspectives mirrored significant differences in the positions of panel speakers and floor speakers. Some of the various positions were: finding oneself marked against one's will; embracing marking as a political choice; and the desire to live, write, practise and perform in a space unmarked by identity politics.

A transcript of the forum was published in focas 1

The video recording is available upon request.


Lee Chee Keng
Dana Lam
Kirpal Singh
Alfian Sa'at
Desmond Sim
Jeff Chen
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