Signs of Fire Camp

Updated on: 19 May 2022
  • Photo Credit - The Necessary Stage

  • Photo Credit - The Necessary Stage

  • Photo Credit - The Necessary Stage




Calling all drama enthusiasts from secondary schools in Singapore. Join The Esplanade and The Necessary Stage as they bring for the first time, a 5 day drama camp held at the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay. Helmed artistically by Natalie Hennedige, full-time artist with TNS, Signs of Fire is the theme of the cam as fire represents passion, desire, energy; words often associated with young people, and should be symbolic of the participants' attitudes towards drama and the arts. The camp aims to provide students with a passion in drama the opportunity to investigate the key elements and tools of drama and performance within the creative arts. Other art forms such as visual art, movement/dance, puppetry and story-telling will be moven into the workshops conducted at the camp. Ultimately, the camp hopes to excite students in their performance-making and long-term interest in the arts.


Artistic Director
Natalie Hennedige
Felicia Low
Mohd Fita Helmi
Elysa Wendi
Serena Tobin
Benjamin Ho
Tan Wan Sze
Claire Devine
Michael Corbidge
Chat Speaker
Haresh Sharma
Chong Tze Chien
Sean Tobin
Alvin Tan
Ngiam Su-Lin
Hella Chan
Yo Shao Ann
Kevin Murphy
Teo Kiat Sng
Kevin Murphy
Rodney Oliveiro
Carina Hales
Mime Unlimited
Christina Sergeant
William Morton
Production Manager
Suraya Binte Ab Rasid
Stage Manager
Rydwan Anwar
Joanna Goh
Yap Tshun Min
Engie Ho
Technical Manager
Patrick Wong
Assistant Stage Manager
Aaron Koh
Andre Jude Danker
Charis Esther Peters
Cho Chin Hwa
Elaine Foo
Sharon Tang
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Project Serial Number: WS200301