Devising with Movement Workshop with Koh Wan Ching

Let’s get physical with Theatre for Seniors! - A Theatre For Seniors Workshop

Updated on: 19 May 2022
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Call for participants:

Have you ever wondered about why we move the way we do? How do our bodies react to our environment and to one another?

Learn more about your body in our new Theatre for Seniors workshop, this time through movement and collaboration! Conducted by established theatre performer and director Koh Wan Ching, this workshop for Seniors provides an introduction to movement and physical theatre, and invites TFS members to develop new approaches in their performance. Each participant is expected to create work and perform in compositions with one another.

Why should I join this workshop?

Elements of space and time are the building blocks of every creative event that happens in the theatre. This workshop will allow us to break down the various elements of space and time before experimenting with how they are integrated in a theatrical event. It is also an invitation to play and explore with your body, brain and heart while collaborating with space, time and each other.

The workshop will include physical exercises, games, Viewpoints training and collaborative devising activities.

While this training involves physical movement, the workshop environment is mindful that it is a space for seniors, and utmost care will be taken to adapt movement trainings for different ages.


Koh Wan Ching
Assistant Facilitator
Mehr Dudeja
Darren Guo
Choo Ai Keow
Lesley Heng
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