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Title Subheading Category Venue Country Year
Cathartic Banana And Other Thoughts on Moving Home Stories Essays/Writings 1997
Singapore Theatre Today Looking back at The Substation arts conference Essays/Writings 1998
Postmodern Elements of Theories And Practice In The Collaborative Works of The Necessary Stage, Caryl Churchill And The Wooster Group Essays/Writings 1998
Performing Performance Paddy Chew, Sincerity and (Re-)Staging AIDS Essays/Writings 1999
Prospects for Multi-Sectoral Partnerships in Singapore A Case Study of the M1 Youth Connection Theater Festival Essays/Writings 2002
I don't want East, I don't want West Haresh Sharma's 'Rosnah' Essays/Writings 2002
Creating High Culture in the Globalized "Cultural Dessert" of Singapore Essays/Writings 2003
The Performance of Censorship Strategies and Limitations Essays/Writings 2004
Glocalqueering in New Asia The Politics of Performing Gay in Singapore Essays/Writings 2005
Ex-political Detainee Forum at Singapore in 2006 Essays/Writings 2006
Theatre and Cultures Globalizing Strategies Essays/Writings 2007
Mobile Contemporary Intercultural Social Theatre Essays/Writings 2007