2008 - Gemuk Girls
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Marzuki: I was detained without trial. Now even my family finds me guilty.

Juliana: You’re not the only guilty one in this family.

Kartini: I think that’s meant for me. Don’t cry for her Singapura. She’s on her way to the top.

Marzuki: I was tortured. I was abused.

Juliana: You moan about torture, abuse. You claim innocence. You want to be involved in politics, fine. Be involved. But you have to choose whose side you’re on. If you’re on the other team, then have the intelligence to know that you WILL be abused, sued, slandered, trampled on and dumped in the gutter. No one will care. Not even on your deathbed. And the truth, I mean, YOUR truth, will never see the light of day!

Marzuki: So you can choose to arrest and detain people as you wish? First you called them Communists, then you called them Marxists. Now you’re calling them Terrorists. Anytime you’re not happy with someone, you just lock them up? You don’t care what happens to their families?

Kartini: As if you cared about what happened to ‘your family’.

Marzuki: Where is the compassion?

Kartini: Where is compassion when you’re running a country. Or a family. I have compassion when I’m growing my garden.

Juliana: What do you do to weeds?

Kartini: I kill them. [Laughs] Touché.