2010 - Model Citizens

Short Description
Act 3 Scene 3

Mrs Chua: [in Mandarin] You don’t have to read it.

Wendy: It’s about time I did. It’s about time I know…

Mrs Chua: [in Mandarin] What is there to know? What is there to understand? [slight pause] What is inside is not important. All your dreams… all that you desire… all your thoughts…[slight pause] Go and join a CC. Take part in grassroots activities. Soon you will be respected and honoured. You will be an upright, model citizen. Perfect on the outside. [slight pause] What is inside is not important.

2008 - Gemuk Girls

Short Description
Marzuki: I was detained without trial. Now even my family finds me guilty.

Juliana: You’re not the only guilty one in this family.

Kartini: I think that’s meant for me. Don’t cry for her Singapura. She’s on her way to the top.

Marzuki: I was tortured. I was abused.

Juliana: You moan about torture, abuse. You claim innocence. You want to be involved in politics, fine. Be involved. But you have to choose whose side you’re on. If you’re on the other team, then have the intelligence to know that you WILL be abused, sued, slandered, trampled on and dumped in the gutter. No one will care. Not even on your deathbed. And the truth, I mean, YOUR truth, will never see the light of day!

Marzuki: So you can choose to arrest and detain people as you wish? First you called them Communists, then you called them Marxists. Now you’re calling them Terrorists. Anytime you’re not happy with someone, you just lock them up? You don’t care what happens to their families?

Kartini: As if you cared about what happened to ‘your family’.

Marzuki: Where is the compassion?

Kartini: Where is compassion when you’re running a country. Or a family. I have compassion when I’m growing my garden.

Juliana: What do you do to weeds?

Kartini: I kill them. [Laughs] Touché.

2007 - Good People

Short Description
Act 1, Scene 2

Yati: Since how long you smoke?

Radha: Since the pain started. Even before I came here. I need it. My body needs it [she giggles].

Yati: But it is wrong.

Radha: Who says?

Yati: It’s illegal.

Radha: Illegal doesn’t mean wrong… just illegal.

Yati: But this is Singapore! [slight pause] Can I have a puff?

2011 - Balek Kampong

Short Description
Act 2, Scene 3

Mrs Tan: So you left… went overseas. Broke all ties. Started writing about freedom and injustice.

Roshni: I wasn’t writing about my family.

Mrs Tan: Weren’t you?

Roshni: No. I was writing about society, the repression…

Mrs Tan: From your family…

Roshni: Repression comes in all forms. It can be the country you live in or the family you’re born into.

2006 - Fundamentally Happy

Short Description
Act 3

Habiba: When this happen... 20 years ago... what you feel?

Eric: I don't understand.

Habiba: When he touch you, when you hold him... how you feel?

Eric: The point here is-

Habiba: How you feel Eric? You feel like he abuse you? You feel like he rape you?

Eric: He did.

Habiba: Now. Now you say he abuse you. But when it was happening, how you feel Eric? You feel sick? You feel like he is evil? You feel like he molest you, rape you?

Eric: I was young.

Habiba: When you are young, if your mother scold you, you feel shame. If your teacher punish you, you feel angry. If your friend tease you, you feel embarass. Don't tell me you are young, Eric. You know, even that time, you know how you feel. You know positive feeling and negative feeling. I ask you... when-

Eric: -Positive.

1998 - Superfriends at the Hall of Justice

Short Description
The Director Speaks
Alvin Tan

As one grows up the notion of justice changes.

Superfriends takes on my concern with social transformation theatre. Confronted by the notions of respecting difference and the co-existence of heterogenous elements, I begin to question the assumption behind the tradition of issue-oriented theatre. Theatre loses its heroic status, transforming its mission from empowering marginalised issues to empowering the imagination. I begin to realise the need to lose its pedantic function, to make room for more audience participation.

2010 - M1 Singapore Fringe Festival: Art & the Law

Short Description
In Singapore, art is also connected to aspects of law that pertain to licensing and state funding.

Law also manifests itself through the wider community, and serves as the foremost social mediator of relationships amongst people. yet the nature of law is such that in its attempt to be 'fair', it will inevitably marginalise and sometimes discriminate against a minority group. How does art then pose questions, offer alternatives, and widen our definitions and interpretations? [...]

When breaking down established laws in the name of creativity, how far do we go? Is there a limit to artistic freedom and the freedom of expression? When censorship happens, we often blame the censors and side the artist. How often do we ask if the artist is employing less sophisticated artistic strategies? When does freedom of expression end and the respect for difference begin?

1990 - Lanterns Never Go Out

Short Description
Kah Wei: Not Guilty

2010 - _____ Can Change

Short Description
Marxists Can Change

By obeying the laws of nature and of the state, we will play our part in creating social stability, harmony and security.
We can turn to the government for help and guidance from time to time. And as history has shown, the government, which has the best interests of its citizens, will always provide.

However, as individuals, we have to uphold our social and moral responsibilities. And if we are failing to do so, we have no choice but to change. We must change.

Thank you.

We would like to now invite Alvin Tan and Haresh Sharma on stage to say a few words.

2004 - godeatgod

Short Description
The Trial

I am not guilty

Tell them to stop!!


People look up to you. They worship you. They will do anything for you. And you say you have no control.

2016 - Child's Play

Short Description
Part I.II

Marshall: Welcome to the annual Compulsory Trial Participation Programme. From the year 2020 to 2030, the world lost 7 million of its citizens due to the spread of MERS, bird flu, dengue and the ZIKA virus. Scientists have been unable to find a cure for any of these illnesses because of a lack of participants in their clinical trials. Five years ago, in 2035, the United Nations made it compulsory for all healthy citizens from the age of 12 to participate in one clinical trial a year. We thank you for your presence here. Please remain calm and follow all instructions.


Luther: The Nuremberg Code states: The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

Marshall: Do you want another 7 million people to die? 10 million? 20 million?

Luther: The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential!

Marshall: I am not your enemy. Why do you want to fight me? Why do you want to fight the law?

Luther: My daughter... She turns 12 next year.

1997 - Galileo (I feel the earth move)

Short Description

NOH: I, [name, ic] hereby apologise for my belief and my action. Please punish me for treasuring my past, for not being supportive of change, for not thinking of progress for being unproductive.

ANGELA: I, [name, ic] hereby apologise for my belief and my action. Please punish me for being strong, single and independent; for not craving for a relationship; for wanting to achieve financial security for the future.

DOREEN: I, [name, ic] hereby apologise for my belief and my action. Please punish me for being a single mother, for not being able to sustain a nuclear family, for eating with my maid and selling my child.


DRAGS: We, [names, ics] hereby apologise for our belief and our action. Please punish us for placing so much importance on sex organs. For going against nature and not being able to reproduce; for decreasing the number of men in Singapore; for not being a tourist attraction and contributing to the economy and prosperity of Singapore.

2012 - Future Perfect

Short Description
A: Imagine a future. Where anything is possible. A future. Where good becomes better. Where strong becomes stronger. A future. Where Science fiction turns to Science fact. [slight pause] Actually, Science fiction may not just be about the future. Look... here is a list of all the enhancements currently available.


C: But if these are all enhancements which... well, some people use... then how do we decide what enhancement is good and what is bad?

B: Or what is right and what is wrong?

A: Three stories about human enhancement.

B: A couple wants to live forever. But do they?

C: A shop that sells stem cells. But can it solve all problems?

A: A family trying to create a perfect baby. Are they playing god?

B: Enhancement. To improve... the quality… of human life…

C: But does it?

2007 - Survivor Singapore

Short Description
Reporter: It started as a simple school project on National Education. But now, several students from Tanjong Pagar Secondary School may face possible expulsion. According to reports, these students were tasked to create projects based on issues they find relevant to their generation. However, after several complains from the public and parents, an inquiry has been set up.

2006 - Mobile

Short Description
Prosecution: Do you fully understand why you are here?

Ratana: (in Japanese) For my daughter.

Prosecution: You are not Japanese. Your daughter is not Japanese.

Ratana: (in Japanese) My daughter is Japanese.

Prosecution: I strongly urge the court to deport the mother and child back to Thailand where they belong.

Ratana: I know it was wrong for me to stay in your country longer than was legally allowed of me. And I admit to committing that mistake with full knowledge. But now, it is not just about me. It is my child. She is innocent. She doesn’t understand what is going on. In her mind, in her heart, she is Japanese. Her friends are Japanese, her school is Japanese. She even has a Japanese name. To send her to Thailand… she won’t be able to adapt. She will suffer… please… I beg you… please don’t make it difficult for her… she is Japanese… she is Japanese… I will come back even if I have to leave my daughter in Thailand.

2004 - Such Sweet Sorrow

Short Description
Act Three

The foundation of a society is based on law and order. To achieve order—political order, social order, economic order—we must be mindful, not rash. We must stick to the status quo. A stable marriage and a stable family are the cornerstone of a stable society. What lesson have you learnt? What lesson have you all learnt?