2006 - Fundamentally Happy
Short Description
Act 3

Habiba: When this happen... 20 years ago... what you feel?

Eric: I don't understand.

Habiba: When he touch you, when you hold him... how you feel?

Eric: The point here is-

Habiba: How you feel Eric? You feel like he abuse you? You feel like he rape you?

Eric: He did.

Habiba: Now. Now you say he abuse you. But when it was happening, how you feel Eric? You feel sick? You feel like he is evil? You feel like he molest you, rape you?

Eric: I was young.

Habiba: When you are young, if your mother scold you, you feel shame. If your teacher punish you, you feel angry. If your friend tease you, you feel embarass. Don't tell me you are young, Eric. You know, even that time, you know how you feel. You know positive feeling and negative feeling. I ask you... when-

Eric: -Positive.