2006 - Mobile
Short Description
Prosecution: Do you fully understand why you are here?

Ratana: (in Japanese) For my daughter.

Prosecution: You are not Japanese. Your daughter is not Japanese.

Ratana: (in Japanese) My daughter is Japanese.

Prosecution: I strongly urge the court to deport the mother and child back to Thailand where they belong.

Ratana: I know it was wrong for me to stay in your country longer than was legally allowed of me. And I admit to committing that mistake with full knowledge. But now, it is not just about me. It is my child. She is innocent. She doesn’t understand what is going on. In her mind, in her heart, she is Japanese. Her friends are Japanese, her school is Japanese. She even has a Japanese name. To send her to Thailand… she won’t be able to adapt. She will suffer… please… I beg you… please don’t make it difficult for her… she is Japanese… she is Japanese… I will come back even if I have to leave my daughter in Thailand.