2012 - Future Perfect
Short Description
A: Imagine a future. Where anything is possible. A future. Where good becomes better. Where strong becomes stronger. A future. Where Science fiction turns to Science fact. [slight pause] Actually, Science fiction may not just be about the future. Look... here is a list of all the enhancements currently available.


C: But if these are all enhancements which... well, some people use... then how do we decide what enhancement is good and what is bad?

B: Or what is right and what is wrong?

A: Three stories about human enhancement.

B: A couple wants to live forever. But do they?

C: A shop that sells stem cells. But can it solve all problems?

A: A family trying to create a perfect baby. Are they playing god?

B: Enhancement. To improve... the quality… of human life…

C: But does it?