2004 - Top or Bottom

Short Description
Scene 2

Bryan: –Look! I already said I’m gay right? I am gay! Can you respect my choice not to practice! You are worse than the–
Faith: Than the what?
Bryan: Nothing
Faith: Than the what?!!
Bryan: Than the church! Than the church who try to make gay people straight. You make gay people–GAYER! You accuse them of being fundamentalist, but you are worse! You want everyone to be like you, to follow YOUR rules. You can’t even open your fucking mind!

2005 - Boxing Day: The Tsunami Project

Short Description
Part Three

NENEK: If I die, I will die here. It is God’s will. I tell my husband. “Leave me here, if I die it is God’s will”. “If I live it is also God’s will”. So we sit down. We see people, the ears are cut off, some people, here also cut off…

2006 - Fundamentally Happy

Short Description
Act 3

Eric: Why did you stay with him… if you knew… all these years… what he was doing… why… if he was satan?
Habiba: He is saitan. But he is a also good man. He got good heart. He love his children so much.

2007 - Good People

Short Description
Act 4, Scene 2

Miguel: These beliefs are pagan.
Radha: Pagan… How do you define pagan? Someone who subscribes to a polytheistic religion? Therefore someone who is not Christian, Jew or Muslim?
Yati: For us, taking drugs like that is haram

2010 - _____ Can Change

Short Description
Homosexuals Can Change

DAN: I don’t know how to be with God. I feel judged… I feel dirty and guilty all the time. I don’t know how to bring myself to church. I know the church hates me, and people like me.

PASTOR: The focus of this church is on salvation, not sexual orientation. We are all sinners Daniel. Once you–and others like you–are saved, the Holy Spirit will lead you to fidelity and sanctification.

2011 - Balek Kampong

Short Description
Act 4, Scene 2

Mrs Tan: Heaven. [slight pause] Judas is in heaven.
Roshni: You think so?
Mrs Tan: He acted according to god’s wishes. He was part of the larger plan. Christ had to die. Someone had to… facilitate his death. Judas was given that task. And he executed it to perfection. That’s why he’s in heaven. He did not betray because he wanted to. He did it because he had to.

1991 - This Chord and Others

Short Description
Act 3, Scene 3–Dev’s parent’s house [one year ago]

GERALD: I’m a Christian now. I told you before.
DEV (playing Gerald's father): Inside this house, you not Christian. You Buddhist.

2016 - Best Of (His Story)

Short Description
As we walked into the courtroom, I thought of my grandfather. When he was sick, I questioned God. You took my father. Don't take my grandfather. I really prayed a lot and I felt like God didn't listen... But, I told myself... who am I... who am I to ask for anything? Who am I that God must listen to me?

1993 - Off Centre

Short Description
Act 5, Scene 1–September. Rooms/Void Deck

SALOMA: God can help us.

VINOD: Help us? Great! Did God help you when you were in Woodbridge? Don't forget God put you there in the first place.

2012 - M1 Singapore Fringe Festival: Art & Faith

Short Description
Art and Faith

Human tendency is to use institutionalised faith for our own purposes, at times with disregard to differing opinions and minority voices, thus resulting in arrogance and judgemental behaviour. It is folly to believe that our faith should dictate the manner which others should live by. Should our faith in specific institutions limit our faith in human engagement and connection, in compassion and inclusion?

1996 - Rosnah

Short Description
Rosnah said no, you must become Muslim. If you want to marry me, you must become Muslim and that’s it. No Muslim, no marriage. Stephen said why? What has institutionalised religion got to do with morality? Look at Muslinda.

2017 - Drip

Short Description

What makes a marriage? The fully furbished HDB flat, the mutual secret keeping, the mother-in-law? Azam and Xiaoyan have to confront their differences when Azam's mother and sister make a surprise visit at home. Clashes of culture, religion and gender lurk within the still waters of everyday life and threaten to undo familial ties. Heartbreaking and humorous in turns, Drip is an unflinching look at the sacrifices—big and small—that we make to be at peace with one another and with ourselves.

2000 - Asian Boys Vol. 1

Short Description
Nine: Agnes Meets the Disciples

AGNES: There is no goddess in the sky. There is no other goddess but I.

2016 - Ghost Writer

Short Description
Chapter Three: Kadambari

Shankara: As soon as my mother steps foot on Radha Kund she knows she is home. She goes to the edge of the Kund and splashes water on her face and head. She cannot describe the joy that she feels. Every morning and evening she sits by the Kund and has an inner conversation with her beloved Radha. One day, deep in meditation, she sings a bhajan. When she opens her eyes, she sees her Radha. Radha is dancing and invites her to dance. Savitri leaves her body at the Lotus Feet of her beloved Radha who embraces her and rocks her back and forth. Back and forth.

2002 - godeatgod

Short Description

Haresh: As part of the process of this play, we sent a letter to the IRO–Inter Religious Organisation–in Singapore. We asked them a few questions with regards to spirituality, mortality, suffering, violence, pain… The following are some replies. Some have been slightly edited for length, some are translated and all names have been withheld.