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Title Subheading Category Venue Country Year
Mari Memasak! Productions Online Singapore 2020
Making a Scene Episode 3: Art and Outbreaks Part of Esplanade's Offstage Talks & Interviews Online Singapore 2020
My Childhood Home Productions Online Singapore 2020
COVID-19 Responses Around the World Productions Online Singapore 2020
Going Green Productions Online Singapore 2020
Reflections from Home An exclusive premiere on Productions Online Singapore 2020
Reflections from Home Staging Online Singapore 2020
Kebaya Homies Productions Esplanade Annexe Studio Singapore 2020
Kebaya Homies Staging Esplanade Annexe Studio Singapore 2020
M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2020 My Country and My People Festivals Esplanade Theatre Studio
Esplanade Recital Studio
Esplanade Annexe Studio
Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Black Box - Centre 42
NAFA Studio Theatre
Blue Room, The Arts House
Singapore 2020
Devising with Movement Workshop with Koh Wan Ching Let’s get physical with Theatre for Seniors! - A Theatre For Seniors Workshop Workshops The Necessary Stage Black Box Singapore 2019
Merry Time A school show commissioned by Singapore Maritime Foundation Productions Gan Eng Seng Secondary
River Valley Primary
Greendale Primary
Wellington Primary
Northoaks Primary School
West Spring Primary School
Singapore 2019