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Going Green

Updated on: 19 May 2022
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Following Reflections from Home which featured four members of The Necessary Stage's Theatre for Seniors, Resident Playwright Haresh Sharma invited our senior participants to develop monologues on their thoughts about going green.  

After their video monologues, each of the seniors were assigned a documentary on green issues to watch. These documentaries covered issues as diverse as plastic pollution, food waste, and how the younger generation can teach seniors how to be more environmentally aware. We then regrouped a week later, and explored the participants' group dynamics via an improvisation co-created over Zoom.  

The improvisation included in the playlist of videos is the second take, with the seniors each given a provocation on climate-related issues separately by Alvin, at different times throughout the improvisation. These briefs were created by Haresh, and ranged from issues such as going childfree, solar energy generation, carbon footprints of flights and livestock we consume, and the world they would like to leave behind for future generations. 


Conceptualised by
Alvin Tan
Performed By
Anne Lee
Daisy Yeo
Irene Ong
Padma Krishnan
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