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My Childhood Home

Updated on: 19 May 2022
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What was the neighboorhood where you spent your childhood years like? 
Do you remember the street hawkers in those days, selling your favourite food? 
What sort of stories did you hear about the residents in the area?
How was your dating life like back then?

These were some of the prompts that our four ladies from Theatre for Seniors were provided in preparation for My Childhood Home, an online Zoom improvisation that is part of the Reflections from Home series. 

Over the years, our senior participants have often divulged anecdotes from the past with us, and we wanted to invite them to revisit these wonderfully entertaining tales from their past. My Childhood Home is an invitation to our seniors to deep-dive into their memories of youth, to share their rich stories that are always filled with warmth, scandal, and plenty of laughter. 


Conceptualised by
Alvin Tan
Performed By
Anne Lee
Daisy Yeo
Irene Ong
Padma Krishnan
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