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COVID-19 Responses Around the World

Updated on: 19 May 2022
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  • COVID-1 Responses Around the World



How do our seniors view the international response to the COVID-19 pandemic? In this improvisation—part of our Reflections from Home series—our four intrepid ladies from Theatre for Seniors shared their thoughts on how different countries have been managing the unprecedented crisis that has impacted the world. 

To begin the process, we asked our seniors to watch a handful of videos, amongst which included late night comedy shows that lampooned world leaders who bungled their national responses to the pandemic, as well as videos of politicians communicating facts about the coronavirus to their constituents. The seniors were also provided with a list of prompts to prepare for the improvisation—what they have been hearing from their friends and family living abroad, their thoughts on how world leaders fared in the crisis, as well as the concerns they have about life after lockdown (when the circuit breaker in Singapore comes to an end on 2 June 2020). 

The resulting improvisation which you will be watching is a candid, humorous and no-holds barred exchange amongst the four senior ladies. 


Conceptualised by
Alvin Tan
Performed By
Anne Lee
Daisy Yeo
Irene Ong
Padma Krishnan
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